The Red Ox - Carries up to 11 bales!

Gooseneck Inline 11 Hay Bale Trailer

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Main Pipe:
10 ¾”OD .322 Wall.
35.86 lbs. per ft.

Rail Supports:
2 x 3 x .188 rectangular tubing. Twice as many!

Now you haul mega loads of hay and still be legal. Whether you knew it or not, double row hay trailers are illegal on ANY public roads. If you were ever in an accident pulling an illegal load, they would throw you under the outhouse. The Red Ox monster hay trailer can safely haul over 22,000 lbs. of hay, so bring on the silage bales, bring on the wet bales, the Red OX can handle them.

The Red Ox has many of the quality features of it’s older brother, the Red Rhino; but that’s where the similarities end. The Red Ox dwarfs any other side dump trailers on the market.

Axles: 10,000 lbs Dexters with double brakes!

Tires: 17.5” 16 Ply radials with a 6500 lb. per tire rating!

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